Friday, May 20, 2011

Who is Srikandi

Srikandi is told both his parents were born because of desire, namely King and Goddess Drupada Gandawati, wanting a child with a normal birth. Both her ​​sister, the goddess Draupadi and Drestadyumna, born through meditation puja. Draupadi was born from the embers of the fire cult, while smoke was transformed into Drestadyumna.

Rama attacked Ravana

Ravana who knows his kingdom was invaded, sent its allies, including his son - Indrajit - to demolish Rama. Advice Wibisana (sister) is ignored and instead he was expelled. Finally Wibisana sided with Rama. Indrajit nagapasa removing weapons and gain a victory, but not for long. He died at the hands of Lakshmana. After his patih allies and the fall one by one, Rawana come forward and fierce battle took place. With a powerful weapon Brahmastra arrows, Rawana fall as a knight.

Rama was in exile in the forest

In the period of exile in the forest, Rama and Lakshmana met with various rakshasa, including Surpanaka. Because Surpanaka passionate with Rama and Lakshmana, his nose Lakshmana wounded by the sword. Surpanaka complained to Rawana that he dianiyaya. Rawana becomes angry and decides to take revenge. He headed to where Rama and Lakshmana then with the ruse, he kidnapped Sinta, the wife of Rama. In an attempt abduction, Jatayu tried to help but did not succeed so that he died.